Selling a Property in Spain

Sellers often agree a sale price without realising that they may be obliged to pay taxes on a higher amount.

Sellers often sign sale agreements and receive down payments without realising that the sale of the property may be blocked if the buyer pulls out and they do not reach an agreement.

At MSB we help you to understand the legal implications of your decisions before you take them, thus helping you to avoid any potential difficulties.

When selling a home most people think that the Conveyancing required is not very complicated, and that they do not need to seek advice about the house-selling process beforehand. They therefore sign sale agreements without being aware of the legal implications. However, it would be different if you sign a sale agreement and the Tax Authorities require you to pay taxes on the basis of what they consider to be the minimum sale price. Consequently, if you have sold your home at a very low price, you will make no profit on the sale and you will end up paying huge tax bills.

At MSB we will provide you with the information and knowledge you need about the different possible options so that you can decide which is most beneficial to your interests.

Sellers often make down payments and sign contracts without the assistance of a solicitor, and then end up being left in a completely unprotected position.

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